Water in Ear Remedy 2020

We all love to play with water for a long time. It is our childhood habit. Especially, summer is a great time to enjoy swimming to the fullest. But after swimming, water gets trapped into our ears. So, we may feel some kinds of tickling sensation into our ears. This may also happen during the bath. This particular tickling feeling may extend to our jawbone and throat as well. Then we hear only muffled sounds. But sometimes, the water drains out naturally without any remedies. But there is a chance that the water can lead to an ear infection as well.

Why does water get stuck in ears during the time of swimming?

It may happen due to so many reasons. The water gets trapped due to the narrow ear canal. It may also happen if something is stuck into your ear canal. So, we need to clean our ears and check the doctor if there are any other irritation and sensation due to the clogged water.

Does it happen to all?

Generally, kids and adults tends to spend more and more time in the water. So, they are high at risk. But if we go underwater for swimming, it may natural that the water will get stuck into our ears. Sometimes, during a flip or handstand, the water may stick into our ears.

Is it risky or not?

Sometimes, our ears discharge some kinds of the waxy element, just like the water substance. It is called earwax. So, water will get out with this waxy substance. But if it will not happen, then bacteria may grow in our ears. We all know that bacteria can grow in the humid and wet condition.

If you notice these kinds of symptoms, then your condition is mild and you need to go to the doctor:

  • If you feel itchiness and redness inside your ear canal.
  • If you feel mild to moderate discomfort in your ear due to this. 
  • If you notice that, your ear will drain out the clear and odourless water or fluid.

How to remove water from the ear canal?

I have suffered from this problem too. So, I know some remedies to remove water from the ear canal. These are some home remedies that I want to share with you all. You can try this out at home before going to the doctor or specialist:

Wriggle your earlobe 

This is the first method that you need to do in order to shake out the water from your ear right away. In this process, you need to tilt your head towards the downward position to your shoulder. In this same position, you need to wriggle your earlobe. Apart from this, you can also shake your head from one side to another from this same position.

Gravity will do the work 

If you stay some time in the tilted position, then the gravity will do the rest. You do not need to do anything else from your end. You need to lie on your side for just a few minutes and place the towel beneath your head. The towel will absorb water after some time. You need to wait for some time. The water will drain out slowly.

Vacuum pressure

The vacuum pressure will draw out some water from your ear. You need to follow these steps for that:

  • You need to tilt your ear at one side and use your palm and rest your ear on the cupped palm. This will create a tight seal just like vacuum pressure.
  • After that, you need to push your hand back and forth towards your ear. You need to continue this process rapidly.
  • After that, you need to tilt your head down for allowing the water to drain out properly.

Ear Vacuum

Take help of a blow dryer

The blow dryer can produce heat and this heat can evaporate water from your ear canal. But for that, you need t follows these steps minutely:

  • You need to set your blow dryer at the lowest and minimum level of setting.
  • You need to hold the blow dryer about a foot away from your ear. From this position, you need to move your drier in back and forth motion.

Try out the vinegar or alcohol-based eardrops

It is true that alcohol can help to evaporate the water in ear. I am saying this from my personal experience. So, you can try this out. Alcohol can also help you to eliminate the growth of bacteria. Apart from this, vinegar can also help you in this regard.

  • You need to make an eardrop by combining alcohol and vinegar in the same portion.
  • You need to use a sterile dropper in this case and use three or four drops of this mixture into your ears.
  • After pouring this, you need to gently rub the outside position of your ears.
  • You need to wait for 30 to 40 seconds after that and then you can tilt your head for allowing the solution drains out from your ears.

But if you have ear infection history or perforated eardrum then you should not use this remedy at all. Then you need to go to the doctor.

Try olive oil

Olive oil is very good and it can prevent infection in our ears. It also helps to drain out water from ears.

  • You need to heat some olive oil in a bowl.
  • You need to use a clean dropper and place a few drops into affected ears.
  • then you should lie on the other side just for 10 minutes. In the meantime, the oil will do its work. After that, you need to tilt your head towards the downside. Then both water and oil will drain out from your ear.

When do you need to go to the doctor?

If the problem persists for several days, then you need to go to the doctor immediately. You should not wait for so long after that. It is possible that your ear becomes painful and infected. Ear infections are serious and you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible. You should not late if you notice and face these kinds of problems:

  • If you face the hearing problems.
  • The infection persists for a long time or so.

If you still feel the presence of water in ear, then you should not waste your time and visit to the doctor as soon as possible.