Is Noise Cancelling Safe

The whole world is full of chaos. Sometimes, we need a little bit of silence from this chaos and constant clatter. We all need the noise cancellation power at the time of long flight journey with a crying baby and interruptive snoring sound from the next room of our hotel. Noise cancelling headphones can save our life this time. These can reduce the background noise or sound such as roaring of an aeroplane engine, the constant deep and resonant sound of train and highway noise.

So many people ask this question that does noise cancellation damage hearing? This is the same question that one of my friends asked me some days before. My short answer was "no". But he did not relieve after getting my short answer. Then out of curiosity, I did some research about this fact and elaborate to my friend. So, here are some information related to this issue which I have cleared to my friend.

Does noise cancel damage our hearing capacity?

If you notice, then you can see that noise cancellation power in headphones cannot damage your ear and does not affect your hearing power as well. But you may hear some kinds of hissing sounds while the ANC is turned on. That is all. For some people, this sound is irritating and also result in dizziness. So, if you wish, you can switch off the ANC power and do not use it too frequently as well. But above all, this particular hissing sound cannot damage our hearing power or condition.

Many people have the false assumption that noise cancellation headphones do emit the radiation just like mobile phones. But it is not at all true. The noise cancelling headphones do not emit any kinds of harsh radiation like mobile phones do. Noise cancellation is very much important if you need to do continuous conference calls and remote meetings. There are so many noise cancellation applications that ensure the removal of noise and chaotic sound from both ends of conference calls. The noise cancellation is not at all bad for our health.

Is the noise cancelling good for health?

You cannot work in a noisy environment. It is a real struggle to put your concentration in a chaos-filled area. You cannot do your work minutely. So, the noise cancellation can work here marvellously. It is a real gift for this type of situation. The noise cancelling headphones can protect your hearing and help you to get back your concentration. Low-frequency noises for a long time may harm your hearing. But we think that loud noises can harm our hearing. It is not true at all. Low-frequency noise has so much impact than loud noises.

Loud noises and sound can only damage your hearing at the time of sleeping. this will increase the level of stress in us and the result is a constant headache. But on the other hand, the low-frequency noises are far more dangerous than that. People who live and work in a noisy environment have a high level of stress factors than who are working in a quiet office space.

The enhanced level of stress factors can increase the hormones called cortisol. This will also increase the blood pressure and cholesterol. In result, this will increase the risk of heart attacks. Low-level noises can also induce the problems of hearing loss.

Noise can increase the stress hormones level:

According to the Journal of Acoustical Society, kids who live in a noisy environment with low-level of sound have the problems of cortisol than who live in a calm and quiet place.

So, the noise cancelling headphones will help you a lot to reduce the chances of stress hormones. Through these, you can protect your hearing condition and also reduce the risk factors of gaining sound-induced the hearing loss. With the help of noise cancelling headphones, you can reduce the surrounding noise or sound. In this way, you can also enjoy your music without any interruption.

But if you want the best results of noise cancellation power then you need to select the headphone that has a good quality of the padding and also with ANC. This can help you to remove the active and passive noise cancellation as well.

After this, I told my friend about the advantages and disadvantages of Noise cancellation.

Pros of Noise Cancelling

There are so many benefits of having noise cancellation power. These are such as follows.

Block the external sound

It is very much difficult to escape the outside world with all the chaos around us. So, the noise cancelling headphones are great choices for blocking the external sound. These can cancel and block all types of external sounds and provide you with complete peace. But there are certain limitations. Apart from this, it is very much helpful to remove the unpleasant and interruptive external chaos.

High volume is not needed

Many people use high volume music in order to reduce the noisy environment. They use a high level of volume to hinder the unpleasant and interruptive sounds. But with the noise cancellation method, you do not need to use the high volume in order to avoid the unpleasant sound. The noise cancelling headphones can suppress the external sounds surrounding you and it helps you to listen to music peacefully.

Better listening quality

The noise cancellation power can improve a better listening quality. You can concentrate and focus on your important calls and talks. It can enhance the experience of your better listening.

Perfect for travelling and studying

The noise cancellation is perfect for the people who travel frequently on the plane. Through the noise cancellation headphones, they can eliminate the outside noise. You can easily concentrate on your study and reading as well. If there is any disturbing sound that will affect your sleep then these headphones can work well and offer you peace of mind.

Cons of Noise Cancelling

Apart from these beneficial sides of the noise cancellation, there are a few disadvantages as well. These are such as follows.


The noise cancelling headphones are costly and this is the biggest disadvantage. This type of gadget and headphone is costly than the normal types of headphones. The structure, feature and design of this type of gadget are different from the normal one. So, the noise cancellation power makes this headphone a little bit pricey and costly.


The noise cancellation headphones are weighty as well. The weighty design of this gadget is very much helpful to provide better performance. So, these gadgets can use high power. High power requirement makes it a little bit heavy.

Quality of the sound

With the noise cancellation power, you need to compromise with the sound quality. This is one of the issues that many people have raised. The main reason behind is this kind of gadget can suppress the external sound or cancel the outside noise. So, you will have to compromise with the quality of the sound.

How to prevent hearing damage while using the noise cancellation power?

This is one of the popular questions. Nowadays, people need to use noise cancellation power. So, it is important to know how to prevent the hearing damage at the time of using this. The main advice is to keep the volume at a moderate level. This is the safest option. You may face the problem due to the high-level of sound and volumes. But how to know the volume level is moderate and you are safe. You can do one thing and be safe as well.

You need to keep the volume lower than the sound of a vacuum cleaner which is 70 decibels. The Health Administration advises setting the safe volume level under 85 decibels.

You can understand that easily and get the clue as well while taking off the headphone. If you see any kinds of muffled sounds after removing the headphone then you need to turn down or decrease the level of sound.

So, at last, I made my friend understand that noise cancellation is not at all harmful for our ears. It is safe and secured if we use the moderate level sound. It will not pose any kinds of risks to our health. The noise cancellation technology will help us a lot without giving any kinds of adverse results. They do not emit or release any kinds of radiation and it will not create any harmful effect on you. The only risk can come from a high volume level. So, you need to check on this matter. You need to pay attention to the volume level and it will help you a lot. You do not need to worry about this. This technology is a gift for you, not a curse. You can hear the sound properly without any disturbances. You can also concentrate on your important work with the advance technology of noise cancellation. It is very much effective for those who need to travel long 12 hours or more plane journey. It is very much beneficial for the people who travel frequently and who need to do conference calls and remote meetings frequently.

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