How to Wear Earbuds?

Wireless earbuds boast of some of the latest features working with the help of Bluetooth technology. These earbuds do not have long tangled wires and can connect to several of your devices like tablets, phones, laptops, and many more. Earbuds have recently become very popular due to various leading manufacturers producing them at affordable prices. Owing one requires certain points to be kept in mind especially while wearing them. As this technology is new so, many of you would want to know the right procedure to wear them. Below mentioned are some of the methods that you can use to make sure they fit perfectly and can be worn for longer durations.

Select the right earbuds

The first procedure is to make sure that the earbuds fit you correctly. The best way to do this is by visiting a store and trying on various branded earbuds. This will help you to find the correct one that fits your ears perfectly. Also, this opportunity can be utilized to check the quality of sound, built, and many more. If not in a hurry to the stores, make sure to try out earbuds that belong to your friends, neighbors, or relatives. Trying out various earbuds before deciding to purchase one is a very good thing to do. Men have ear canals much larger than a woman which proves both have different sizes especially made.

Try out various bud sizes

These days’ companies provide extra buds to their consumers to make sure they have the right fit for each consumer. Generally, there are three sizes which you can choose from. Try all one by one by listening to songs and try shaking your head to see the fit. Whichever fits properly use them. To decide on buds that are being too tight to the ears as long usage may cause your ears to swell.

Check if the earbuds fit your ear canal

Earbuds can transmit proper sound only when they fit comfortably to the ear canal which is near to the eardrums. To make sure each beat being played is recognizable it is very necessary to fit the buds into the ear canal. Try to give it some movement back and forth so that it fits correctly. Fitting the earbuds correctly to the ear canal will help block the ambient sound.

Pull earlobes for correct fit

To get the right fit it is essential to pull the earlobes and snug it with your other hand for the right fit. Once the earbud is fitted lightly you then need to fit it properly by enlarging the earbuds. The procedure is very simple and will require the use of two hands. With one hand pull your earlobes and with the other try pushing the earbuds to your ears. Once you pull the earlobes it starts to get larger and helps the buds to fit perfectly. This procedure will ascertain that the earbuds fit you correctly and do not come off easily when you move or shake lightly.

Clean earwax if facing problem fitting earbuds

One of the procedures you can try to make earbuds fit correctly is to first clear all the earwax lying around the ear. The earwax can obstruct the earbuds to fit correctly due to the change in the shape and size of the ear canal. There are chances of the earbuds slipping off your ears due to the wax present inside. Cleaning your ear to free them from earwax is very simple. Get hold of a cleaning bud and gently keep rubbing the area where the earbuds fit. If you find yellowish wax kind of material then keep rubbing gently until it comes off completely. Always make sure to not get the cleaning bud too inside the ear.

Avoid Jaw Movement

Jaw movements play a very significant role in maintaining the hold of the earbuds intact. The continuous movement of the jaws may result in the earbuds to fall off. The reason is when we move our jaws it directly affects the ear canals to move with it which might loosen the hold of the earbuds. The large or small sizes of jaws matter as it may result in the earbuds to come off. People having large jaws can easily make the earbuds come off with jaws movement whereas smaller jaws will take time to come off when jaws are moved.

The movement of jaws takes place when we talk or eat something. Try avoiding eating if not talk as it may result in the earbuds to come off easily. Chewing gum also should be avoided as they result in the continuous movement of the jaws.


Once the earbuds fit you perfectly it’s now time to connect it to a source. Earbuds connect through the Bluetooth which is present in our phones, laptops, tablets, and many more devices. First on the Bluetooth feature on your device and start the pairing process. You can check in the manual for the name of your earbuds. They normally have their brand names which can be found when the Bluetooth is on and ready to pair. Once the earbuds are discoverable by your device follow the procedure shown on your device screen to pair it to your earbuds.

Learn all the features in your earbuds

Once the earbuds are connected to a device you can now gradually start learning the various features that come with the earbuds. Most of the earbuds these days have a tap or touch function to control them. Tap functions enable features such as play, stop, next, previous which activates with a tap on the buds. On the other hand, the touch function enables play, pause, stop, next, previous functions with a touch and slide motion on the earbuds

Apart from these points try to ascertain the signals to show low battery in your earbuds. Generally, earbuds show the red color when they run out of juice and show green when they are fully charged. Different products will have different color symbols which are to be ascertained for the best result.

Regularly clean your earbuds to keep it free from ear wax and other dirt. It is very necessary to sanitize these devices to keep you safe at all times. Gently rub the buds with rubbing alcohol to make sure no dirt and germs are lying on them. Charge the buds when you are not using to ensure full charge whenever you use them. They come with a charging box which helps them charge automatically when inserted.