How to make your ears pop?

Everything You Need To Know About Blocked Ears And How To Pop Them

Blocked ears can be very annoying. You must be aware of how to pop them. It's rare for blocked ears to signify a serious issue, but it is not impossible. In this article, we will clarify any questions you have on the matter. Some tricks people use to unblock their ears are very dangerous. Meaning that it is good to be as informed as possible on such sensitive issues. Blocked ears can be caused by a wide range of things.

Causes of Blocked Ears

Our ears are composed of a middle, outer, and inner ear. The middle ear is connected to our throats through the eustachian tube. This tube is responsible for maintaining equal air pressure between the middle and outer ear. A function that if not done effectively causes the blocked ear sensation.

Changing Elevation

Changing elevation is a direct enough term. Everyone has experienced blocked ears after a long drive. Specifically, if you drove through the mountains. If the route was flat then your ears may not be blocked. The change in altitude is the main cause of the uneven pressure between the middle and outer ear. Something about the difference in atmospheric pressure with respect to altitude. The change in pressure expects a change in the pressure in our ears as well; which doesn’t happen immediately.

Ear Wax

Having an ear wax problem can be very irritating. Most people don't have to wax their ears very often. However, those who do know that it can sometimes block your ears. Especially when it is in excess. The wax can disrupt the outer ear's air pressure. The only good thing about this being the cause is that there are plenty of ways to remove the wax. If the common cotton buds don't work, you can try candlesticks. Here is a video of how they work exactly. The video shows a live experiment on a patient with known ear wax problems. Before and after pictures show the ears completely cleansed of all traces of wax.

The science of it is simple. The heat will create a suction force that will force out all the wax present. A genius creation that is still leaving people shocked at its effectiveness.

Fluid in the middle ear space

If any fluid somehow found its way to the middle ear space, the ear would feel blocked. Since the fluid will make the air pressure unequal to the outer ear. Depending on how often you go for swimming, blocked ears are inevitable. As soon as a small amount of the water makes its way in your ears pop, they feel blocked. This explains why you will sometimes see swimmers jumping with their heads tilted to one side. It is a known technique used to try and remove the water.

The fact that pressure is different inside the water also plays a part. It is similar to changing elevation only that here the result is some water will enter your ears.

Sudden sensory hearing loss

Sudden sensory hearing loss is the most serious cause of ear blocking. So serious that patients are advised to see a specialist as soon as possible. Mainly because it only takes a few days to lose all hearing completely. This mostly happens in one ear. One diagnosed by a specialist, steroids will be used to control the condition. It is important to know that this is very time-sensitive; the sooner you see a specialist the better.

Tricks You Can Use To ears pop

Plug Nose and Blow

This is by far the most common technique. Mostly because it is very effective. It forces air through the eustachian tube. This normalizes the pressure and hence unblocks your ears. It is advised that you don’t blow too hard as you might hurt yourself. Also, if you feel dizzy at all after trying this, stop immediately!

Plug Nose, Blow and Swallow

Swallowing is known to affect the eustachian tube positively enough to correct the pressure difference. If the first technique does not help, try this one. Combined with swallowing, the air forced into the tube should have a greater effect. Remember to be gentle to avoid injury.


Yawning is a very safe way to solve the pressure problem. Mainly because there is no way you can force too much air into the tube by yawning. It solves blocking caused by changing elevations almost immediately. I advise that this be your go-to before trying anything else.

Ask someone to blow into your nose

Yes, it is very uncomfortable. Especially since it's the nose we're talking about. If it was through the mouth then this would have been number one on the list. Due to public opinion of course. However, this one can be dangerous. You have to be sure to ask the person blowing to be gentle. Apart from that, it should work just as well as the rest.

The Eustachi

This is a tool well known by people who suffer from frequent ear blocks. Most people who travel a lot end up needing this. It is a small gadget that you stick inside your node. There is a small button at the bottom that when pressed releases a burst of air. Just enough to force the pressure back to stability. Here is a video that can walk you through using the tool - find a tutorial at the end.


With what you have picked up from this article, I think you are ready for battle. If your ears block again you know exactly what to do. Spread the gospel to your friends as well - you know how annoying they can be. Remember that the specialists know best and it is better to check in with them. In the extreme case of sudden sensory hearing loss, treating it as an emergency is best. Standard ear blocks should however not be a problem for you ever again.

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